Our state-of-the-art gym facilities are designed to support all aspects of athletic development and physical conditioning. Our mission is to empower and inspire individuals, whether in individual or group settings, to commence and embrace their fitness journey. We are committed to facilitating transformative experiences that positively impact the body, mind, and spirit.


Designed for professional and high-level athletes, this section includes plyometric boxes, agility ladders, and specialized equipment like sleds and battle ropes.

Such a comprehensive facility not only caters to a wide range of fitness goals and levels, but also fosters a community environment that encourages a holistic approach to health and wellness.


The gym hosts a range of free weights, including dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells, and plates. Additionally, it features pin loaded machines, TRX, Resistance bands and medicine/wall balls.

Why You’ll Choose Training With Us

When it comes to holistic athletic athlete development, Fitness Creed stands unparalleled. Established in 2019 and built upon over 13 years of industry expertise, our approach is both innovation and deeply rooted in proven methodologies. Here’s why you should consider us:

Holistic Development

We dont just focus on physical training; we’re committed to the all-round growth of every athlete, ensuring they’re mentaly and physically prepared for challenges.

Scientific Approach

Our athlete development program is anchored in the principles of periodization. This ensures that every training phase is meticulously designed for optimal growth and recovery. We employ scientifically-backed methods and rigorous testing protocols to measure progress and asjust training plans.

Performance Engancement

Our mission transcend traditional training. We’re about core performance enhancement. We empower athletes to not only reach but to surpass their peak performance, instilling resilience and setting new standards in their respective fields

Transformationg Experience

With Fitness Creed, athletes don’t just undergo training; they experience a transformation. Our seasoned professionals, state-of-the-art facilities, and bespoke training techniques ensure that every individuals is given the tools and guidance to envolve into their best selves.

Lifelong Commitment

We believe that fitness is not just a phase but a lifelong journey. With our extensive industry knowledge and dedication, we’re here to guid and support you every step of the way.

In essence, choosing Fitness Creed means opting for a partner dedicated to pushing boundaries, fostering growth, and setting new benchmarks in the world of fitness and athlete development.


Matthew Wagstaff
Director/Head Coach


Director/Head Coach

Matthew’s extensive experience in the fitness industry, spanning over 14 years, is complemented by a diverse range of qualifications that make him a well-rounded and expert practitioner in the field. His expertise encompasses several areas of strength and conditioning, where he has honed his skills in developing programs tailored to athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike, focusing on enhancing physical performance, injury prevention, and rehabilitation.

Moreover, Matthew’s qualifications extend to coaching, where he excels in not only training individuals but also in mentoring and guiding them towards achieving their fitness and athletic goals. His coaching approach is holistic, addressing both the physical and psychological aspects of training, which is crucial in sports and fitness.

Matthew’s experience also includes working with a diverse range of clients, from professional athletes to beginners, enabling him to adapt his training methods to suit different skill levels and fitness goals. His communication skills, patience, and ability to motivate are key in helping his clients achieve and often surpass their objectives.

Overall, Matthew’s extensive experience, diverse qualifications, and commitment to his profession make him a highly respected and sought-after professional in the fitness industry. His comprehensive understanding of physical training, combined with his ability to connect with and inspire his clients, sets him apart as a leader in his field.

David Oliva



David takes pride in guiding individuals across the spectrum from beginners to athletes, helping them achieve their fitness aspirations. For him, sharing his passion and expertise is not just a profession but a fulfilling aspect of life.

David derives immense joy from witnessing others embrace a healthier lifestyle, regardless of their starting point. His commitment extends beyond the physical aspects of fitness – it involves instilling confidence, promoting mental well-being, and fostering a sustainable approach to health.

Being a part of someone’s fitness journey is a shared experience where each achievement, no matter how small, is a triumph. David is dedicated to creating personalized, effective training programs that align with individual goals, recognizing the uniqueness of each person’s fitness path.

In essence, David’s love for fitness extends beyond personal satisfaction; it is about empowering others to embark on and relish their own transformative journeys. Whether it is helping someone take their first step into fitness or assisting a seasoned athlete in reaching new heights, the rewarding nature of his work fuels his passion for fostering a healthier, happier community.”



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